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Feeding Fenelon is dedicated to providing free daily lunches to Langton  students who could benefit from a full free lunch or supplementary lunch items. Langton Public School was one of the first help us in the early days through their fundraising efforts, and we are in a position now where we can give back to the community that supported us. Our mission is to ensure that every student who could benefit from a free lunch has access to one, and we rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers to make this a reality.


We understand that many students struggle with food insecurity, which is why we launched the 'Lunches for Langton' program. Our goal is to provide every student who could benefit from a healthy lunch with access to one.


By donating to our 'Lunches for Langton' program, you can help ensure that no student goes a day without a healthy lunch and we can continue to provide healthy, nutritious meals to Langton students and make a positive impact in our community.

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